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Next Gig : Saturday 12th April 2014 / Bar Red King's Lynn / 8 PM


JIMMY ROCKIT, a four piece popular covers band based in King's Lynn, consisting of brothers, Zach, Harrison and Frazer Stanford, and recently joined by Callum Gosling. The band have played together since September 2007 and have performed many gigs since then from big festivals and tight pub gigs, to wedding receptions and black tie events. You name it, they’ve gigged it, from crowds of 7-7000, ages from 11-80, record label bosses and have supported bands including Hayseed Dixie and Wilko Johnson.


Harrison Stanford (Lead Singer, Bassist):

Harry likes to think he is the guy who ‘strings things together’ in the band, to the dislike of Frazer! When it comes to what the band sounds like, he knows what he wants, which probably comes from his interest in producing as well as performing. His main instrument is bass, but he plays the guitar, drums, a bit of piano and is surprisingly good on a harmonica. His favorite bands include Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Two Door Cinema Club. He has a much more laid back music taste than Zach, which definitely suits his personality! Harry’s ambitions are to become a music producer, and to work with loads more bands in the studio. (See studio above). Harry has the musical ear of the band, and loves sitting in his studio recording and mixing, and working out everything Zach has to know on guitar for the next gig!


Zach Stanford (Lead Guitarist):

Zach is the lead guitarist of the band. He also comes up with stupid nick names for everyone, (we think it must be a mild form of turrets), and is rubbish at writing bios. His favorite gig would be to have a few pints, on a tiny stage in a pub like Bar Red, Kings Lynn, with at least 100 people going for it. His favorite bands include Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, Fratellis and Oasis, but also loves playing every song in the Jimmy Rockit set list. Zach’s the one with most of the ideas in the band, like music selection, and is very good at leaving Harry to work the songs out to then teach them back to him.


Frazer Stanford (Drums):

Frazer started playing drums when he was three on pots and pans, then did his first gig at a smoke filled pub when he was six. His main highlight of being in the jimmys was playing Kings Lynn’s Festival Too and sound checking with Hayseed Dixie! His best drumming moment was when The Pigeon Detectives’s drummer sliced his finger open, and needed someone to take over, in which Frazer stepped up, and played a song he never knew in front of around 10,000 people, with the band. Most epic moment ever! He’s the type of boy who can make everyone laugh by the best timed witty comments, that couldn’t ever be written, and for that, the band are grateful. Oh so grateful.


Callum Gosling (Guitarist):

Callum first started learning guitar at the age of 12 and began playing in bands just two years after. Since then he has adapted his playing to fit many different styles but thinks himself as a rock player, which made him the perfect rhythm guitarist for Jimmy Rockit. He has a big interest in live sound and since joining has added a lot to Jimmy Rockit’s sound that you will hear at gigs. Callum has a huge range of music taste from Mumford & Sons to Example to Phil Collins!


Check out Jimmy Rockit's latest music on www.soundcloud.com/jimmyrockit or www.facebook.com/jimmyrockitband


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Jimmy Rockit can be contacted via…

Phone - 01553 670219

Email - band@jimmyrockit.co.uk

Facebook - www.facebook.com/jimmyrockitband

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Jimmy Rockit's lead singer, Harrison Stanford also owns his own home studio, readily equipped for solo artists and bands to produce singles, EPs, and albums. Using gear from Apple, Focusrite, SEelectronics, Sure and Sennheiser, the studio is a great, relaxed place for anyone to come and record. Harrison had produced a lot of solo covers in the studio, which can be found by going to www.harrisonstanford.bandcamp.com, local business radio adverts, whilst also working with locals bands on EPs as well. If you happen to be interested in recording, or know anyone that may want to come and enjoy recording, contact Harrison via phone or email.